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The word 'Muzungu' (or Mzungu) originates from the 18th century. Locals used 'Muzungu' to describe European explorers who arrived in Africa! Ever since then it's still used to describe different kind of people who 'traveled far'; in the literally as well as in the figuratively meaning of the word.

For me the first time my feet touched African soil was in 2011 when I visited Cameroon as an medical student. This trip made an indelible impression and left me with restless feet. Travelling provides me with endless inspiration, creates understanding and puts things into perspective. Nevertheless, if we all jump in to planes all the time our good old earth will soon be destroyed, therefor if possible travel over land or sea like these heroes. is a place to share some raw travel tips, without the filters and with the real stuff. It's also a little hub on the internet for me to share my adventures as a Medical Doctor working in rural Africa (or NL) and to share some medical knowledge in an accesible way.

Enjoy, geniet,